Packing Service

1) Suitable for transportation: The purpose of packaging is to prevent and avoid damage caused by impact or vibration in transportation, taking into account moisture-proof and anti-theft function;

2) Easy Loading & Unloading: good packaging will be conducive to the loading and unloading of goods;

3) Moderate Packaging: When packaging goods, according to the size, weight and transportation characteristics of the goods, the right size of the packaging box and packaging filler should be selected, and the damage caused by insufficient packaging and the waste of packaging materials caused by excessive packaging should be avoided as much as possible;

4) Single Package: the outer packaging should be integrated with the protective materials, buffer materials and contents of the express pieces, and there should be no friction, collision and extrusion between the contents and the inner wall of the outer packaging;

5) Pay attention to the direction: For the goods with placement direction requirements, in the process of packaging, storage and transportation, it must be guaranteed that the goods are correctly placed according to the arrow identification on the outer packaging, and the side and reverse placement are eliminated.